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Uplifting the quality of life through Arts, Culture, and Community

The Heart at Play's advocacy originally focused on providing its pioneered Therapeutic Dance Program as a holistic treatment approach for persons with exceptionalities. While Movement Therapy is gaining popularity in the USA, Australia, and London, it is relatively novel concept in the Philippines. THP's method is distinct from existing programs.

The program merges SpEd principles (i.e. ABA) and elements of dance, supplemented by the use of innovative intervention tools such as ropes, rings, puzzle mats, among others. The structure  makes it possible to cater to the most profound (severe) cases of Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other developmental disabilities. Holistic healing manifests in progress across the participant's cognitive, physical, socio-emotional, and behavioural domains. 

  • Addresses Sensory Processing Disorder / Sensory Integration Disorder - helps child cope & engage w/ environment

  • Facilitates Cognitive Development - sequencing, memorisation, right and left brain activation (music and counting)

  • Enhance Physical Development - gross motor skills, proprioception, coordination

  • Promote Psychosocial Development - self-confidence, interaction with peers, understands emotions 

  • Improved ability for focus, task-commitment/competition, and shifting activities

  • Leads to more positive/manageable behaviour - lessened challenging behaviour (stimming self-injurious), 

  • Dr. Alexis Reyes M.D. F.P.P.S (President of the Philippine Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, holds clinics at the Philippine          General Hospital and at the Makati Medical Center), and Dr. Ma. Veronica Nable Reloza M.D. DPPD, FPSDBP (Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics 

       at the Makati Medical Center).

  • DepEd NCR Division of City Schools in Quezon City has also endorsed DMT in four of its Sped Elementary schools: (1) Bridges Foundation, (2) Batino SPED Elementary School, (3) San Vicente Elementary School, and (4) Sta. Ana Rosana SPED Elementary.

  • Edison Sheltered Workshop, New Jersey, USA has used the program as one of their rehabilitation services to adults with special needs.  

  • Two New York based NGOs have adopted THP's therapeutic movement program for their adult to gereatric beneficiares (AHRC-NYC and Community Guided Services). 

  • Long-time students of SpEdDANCE (transactional/paying participants since 2011) have made made the program part of their routine for maintenance and progression.

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